Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Elijah and the Crow, Egg tempera, 24 ct. gold on wood panel,16" x 12". MF Dondelinger. Sold
When I apprenticed in Italy, I was able to work on an image similar to this one with master iconographer don Gianluca Busi. But I had to leave before the icon was finished. So it was fulfilling to do the image again, this time to completion.

As the biblical story tells, the Lord has ordered the crow to bring Elijah bread in the morning and meat at night. This image of Elijah has been repeated over and over throughout the history of iconography.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seattle with Steve

Boxer Chick Lino Cut, in progress.
To be used for the Mimbres Region Arts Council printmaking project.
By MF Dondelinger with assistance from Bailey Koonce, 2008

While the studio is filled with icons in preparation for the November show at J. Crist Gallery, I am also preparing for a two month residency of sorts with Steve Macfarlane, a wonderful printmaker in Seattle. We'll be working on transforming the Boxer Chicks into prints. In preparation for that, I and my studio assistant, Bailey, are carving the linoleum blocks that will be used in the printmaking process.

Before I leave for the residency, we will be producing a print for the Mimbres Region Arts Council "Book" that will be used as a fundraiser. As that printmaking project comes together I'll post the details.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

An introduction to Silver City

What a treat to transform this dusty old garage into a studio space and to share it with my community by filling it with icons, candles and gregorian music.

For some it offered a reflective moment. For others it was educational during the two demonstrations showing the process of making egg tempera and its application and then later a gold leafing technique. (Standing room only.) A special thanks to Toni, my neighbor, and my Mom for their support during the prep. And to Bailey. I couldn't have sheetrocked the ceiling without her!