Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brush Creek Art Foundation Residency Program

MF Dondelinger finishing up her residency at Brush Creek Art Foundation in Wyoming.
Artists, writiers and musicians who are interested in doing a residency at this lovely location click here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gallery One: The Writing's on the Wall

 Gallery One Director Carol Hassen gives introductions for the lecture on What is Sacred? What is Sacrificed?

 The lecture.

Dodo Bird, Egg tempera, 24 c. gold on wood panel

Wrestling Boys, Egg tempera on panel, 4' x 8'

Detail of Illuminated Manuscript of original musical score of song sung when planting corn.
Egg tempera and 23 c. gold on paper

Detail of Illuminated manuscript regarding rain water catchment and water consumption.
Egg tempera and 23 c. gold on paper

Almighty Dollar Series: Giraffe, Egg tempera, 23 c. gold on Federal Reserve note.

Almighty Dollar Series: Gray Wolf, Egg tempera, 23 c. gold on Federal Reserve note.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iconography Workshops Complete

Thank you to all the students in New Mexico, Washington and Montana.
What a wonderful experience it was to share time with you!
Punkie puts finishing touches on her icon.

A special thanks to our hosts...
Artist Brittany Faulkner in Seattle, Washington
Gallery One in Ellensburg, Washington for Level 1 Workshop
Becky Craig and Gary Todd in Ellensburg, Washington for Level 2 Workshop ...Catering Included!
Artist Louise Lamontagne in St. Ignatius, Montana at the Art Ranch

The Montana Iconographers sit for a 'Bob Ross' moment.

Mary and Marti take notes on making egg tempera.

Barbara removes the egg white with easy.

 Marti works on her icon in at the Art Ranch in St. Ignatius, Montana.

Mark adds highlights to his icon in Silver City, New Mexico

Linda applies the first layers in Ellensburg, Washington.

The concentration is intense in Seattle!

Sam attends to details.

Mary puts a nourishing wash on her icon.
Charlene touches up her icon in Seattle.

Donna applies gold leaf on her icon in the Level 2 workshop in Seattle.

 Andrea completes Archangel Gabriel in the Level 2 workshop in Ellensburg.

And I get reunited with Chop Suey, the studio cat in Montana at the Art Ranch.